Star Wars Rebels

Both Commander Aresko & Taskmaster Grint​​

​Voice  Actor

LEGO Worlds Trailer

Peter Pan & the Pirates:

​Gentleman Starkey starts @ 0:50

Robot Chicken​

Hans Gruber

Sons of Nor:

Starts @ 3:50

Adult Swim Promo


Wise Man's Hat

​World of Warcraft: Mists of Panderia​

​Master Shang Xi. Starts @ 1:24

World War Z (VG)

Ethan Wolfe

Absolem the Caterpillar:

starts @ 27:20

Mass Effect:

​Vigil starts @ 0:42

​​​Steam VR Tutorial

​Robot Host

Robot Chicken

Farmer Smurf

Manou The Swift

Parcival (Percy)

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

​Knight Paladin Gelebor starts @ 7:20


​Sir Didymus

Peter Pan & the Pirates

Jack O'Lantern starts @ 4:38

Heroes of the Storm:

​Snake God, Ka

Nickelodeon's ​Super John Doe Junior

"Blimey" the Dog.  Starts@ 1:42

Marvel's Avengers Assemble

​Klaue/Super Klaue @ 00:14

​I Am Dead VG

​Morris Lupton

​Starts at :50

The Order 1886

Lord Hastings @ 1:28 & 6:30

The Darkness 2

​Jimmy Wilson

Lord of the Rings: Conquest

​Orc Officer starts @ 01:15

DOTA: Dragon's Blood


World of Warcraft: Legion

Prophet Velen

Big Hero 6

​Heathcliff the Butler

Crackdown 3

​Kuli Ngata

The Tom and Jerry Show

(Seasons 3&4)

​Mr. Cates the Butler/The Duke

Starts @ 0:33